Family mourns 18-year-old after 'heroic' death

Family mourns 18-year-old after 'heroic' death

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Family members are grieving the loss of their 18-year-old son after he was shot and killed Saturday night.

"He was my heart; he was my baby," Dena McDonald said.

Dena's son, Eddie McDonald, was killed at a party in Cordova on Saturday night.

"This is something we'll never get over, ever (make sense of)," McDonald said about her son.

Eddie had plans of one day becoming a police officer, and loved ones said he was not a stranger to anybody.

"He never met a person he didn't like," Eddie's father Chris McDonald said.

The family was celebrating the engagement of Eddie's brother that night. Hours later, that celebration turned into mourning.

"You're never dreamed that you're going to walk out the door--and his brother got engaged that night and he came home that night for five minutes to give his future sister-in-law and them a hug," Dena McDonald said.

Family members said Eddie was on scholarship at Southwest Tennessee Community College. He recently graduated from Christian Brothers High School.

His parents said Eddie was not the intended target and said Eddie was shielding someone else from gunfire when he was shot.

"He told us, 'Eddie saved my life, he saved my life,'" Dena McDonald said.

His parents said helping others is something Eddie was known for.

"A couple of times he would stand up for kids at school," Chris McDonald said.

They now hope they can find justice for Eddie.

"All I ask is if you did this or was a part of this, please just turn yourself in," Dena McDonald said.

McDonald's funeral is planned for Friday at the Church of Nativity in Bartlett.

If you would like to donate to help the family, click here.

Police are still on the hunt for three men last seen leaving the apartments in a white car.

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