Government says surveillance tapes incriminate Sen. Ford

During a detention hearing Friday, investigators played incriminating videotapes during which Ford appears to be taking illegal cash payments in exchange for his support of legislation that would benefit a dummy company set up by the FBI.

On August 19th 2004, the tapes appear to show an undercover agent counting out thousands of dollars in cash and handing it over to Ford, after the two discussed the logistics of getting a bill passed during this year's legislative session.

"Let's see, today is the 18th, 19th," Ford says on the tape. "Let us say the 15th of September, we'll have this stuff drafted."

"Okay," replies the agent.

Neighbors say they saw Ford outside his Collierville home briefly Saturday, but no one answered when an Action News Five staff member rang the bell. A U.S. magistrate placed Ford under house arrest for at least the holiday weekend.

On Tuesday, a district court judge will hear an appeal from prosecutors who want Ford to have to remain behind bars until his trial.