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Sell your old CDs and DVDs

The way we listen to music is changing, along with the way we buy and sell music. Now, there are a number of ways we can turn those old or unwanted CD's into cash.

How many CD's are in your music collection, and among the mountain of music, how much of it do you still listen to? If they're collecting dust or if you've loaded it all up on your Ipod or digital jukebox, there's a good chance you have plenty of old songs that can play a new tune.

Register CD Warehouse is one of several stores willing to pay for your used music and movies. What you get depends on the demand and it must have the original artwork in good condition, and a limited number of scratches.

"We actually have a machine in the back that we can fix most scratches." said Becky Nuir with CD Warehouse. "We just check to make sure it's not overly scratched or certain scratches we're not able to fix." Cracked jewel cases are OK, since CD Warehouse usually replaces them.

We brought in a variety of CD's, DVD's and VHS tapes to see what we could get. Most of the seldom used and somewhat antiquated VHS tapes only earned pocket change.

You can get more if it's out of production and not yet available on DVD. DVD movies about $4 each, but CD's are all over the place in price.

For example, popular used CD's for only $2 or $3, but the once-shammed Milli Vanilli act fetched $6. Why so much more? It's out of production and harder to find. Our grand total, $32 for $28 items.

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