Week-old calf, 2-year-old girl form friendship

Week-old calf, 2-year-old girl form friendship
(Source: Lacey Gray)
(Source: Lacey Gray)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - In an unforgettable photo, a mother captured the beginning of what's sure to be a beautiful friendship between a newborn calf and a toddler.

Family members said they've been forever changed by a new member, but it's a pretty unusual addition.

Lacey Gray said she asked to borrow a calf for a photo shoot, and jokingly texted a friend if she could borrow his new calf. He said the calf's mother would not allow that; however, the next day said the cow had fallen and would not recover from it. The mother died soon after.

Gray said her friend then brought her the calf, and her family fell in love.

Gray said they taught the new baby some of the things her mother would have taught her in the first week of life, including sucking and swallowing.

"I'm finding so much joy starting my mornings at 5 a.m. with her and watching her love for our family grow," Gray wrote in an email to WMC Action News 5.

The calf, which the family named Molly, had a close bond with Gray, that is, until she met Gray's 2-year-old daughter Kinley.

In the photo, Kinley and Molly lie close together, the week-old calf completely comfortable with the toddler's touch.

It may be too early to tell, but this seems like a friendship that's sure to last.

You can follow Molly, Lacey, and Kinley on Instagram with the hashtag #morningswithmollymoo.

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