A Better Mid-South: Combating violence

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Editorial by Tracey Rogers, Vice President and General Manager of WMC Action News 5:

It's been a violent week in the Mid-South. We've had carjackings, shootouts, armed robberies and two deputies shot in DeSoto County.

It's easy to wring our hands and lament about how bad things are these days, but then a strong voice emerged from DeSoto County Sheriff Bill Rasco.

Last night, he stated emphatically, "What it means is DeSoto County is fixing to buckle down. If you come to DeSoto County and break a crime, we're going to get you. We're going to make sure you don't come back to DeSoto County."

Harsh? Maybe so, but for all of us who are law abiding citizens, Sheriff Rasco's words gave me comfort that our law enforcement officers are committed to protecting us. They're even willing to put their lives on the line for us.

What are your thoughts on Sheriff Rasco's statement? Tell me about it by emailing me at abettermidsouth@wmctv.com, or post on my Facebook page, A Better Mid-South.

Law enforcement officers who are dedicated to protecting our safety make this A Better Mid-South.

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