Fireball graces the skies above the Mid-South

Fireball graces the skies above the Mid-South

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - No, you're not crazy- that flash you might have seen in the sky this morning was a fireball!

At approximately 6:16 am, a "fireball" trail was seen in Collierville, lasting about three seconds.  Most reports came in from a concentrated area locally- near Poplar and 205. Other areas like west Arkansas and parts of Kentucky experienced this sighting as well.

So what is a fireball?

Well, it's *not* one of those atomic candies… but to the touch, you're not far off. See, fireballs are really just big meteors - the result of meteoroids falling into the earth's atmosphere and burning up. As these break up, they split into fragments before striking the earth's surface, compressing the air in front of it. That compression heats to nearly 500 degrees Celsius—that's the "fire" or "glow" that you see in the sky.

And by the way- as the small rock fragments hit the ground, they become much like the candy- cool to the touch.

Fireballs are a common occurrence, so if you're lucky enough to see one next time- snap a pic or video and send them to us. You can send them to:

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