Venus shines bright in the night sky

Venus shines bright in the night sky

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Take a moment to look up to the sky over the next couple of nights, and you'll see a beautiful sight.

In the western sky you'll see the crescent moon with two bright stars to the right. The brightest star is Venus and the other is Mars. You won't need a telescope to catch this "conjunction" of the moon and the two planets.

Venus is currently at its closest point to Earth as it orbits the sun, and that accounts for it shining so brightly in the night sky. Mars and Venus will continue to move closer to each other in their respective orbits between now and February 2.

They won't come this close together again for another four years.

There will be some clouds to contend with, but breaks in those clouds should allow you to catch a glimpse of this beautiful celestial sight. So, take a moment and look up into the night sky and the beautiful sight that awaits you.

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