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Two men wanted for aggravated littering


Memphis police are searching for two men wanted for dumping gallons of paint and chemicals near a toxic waste site.

Police said two men dumped six 55-gallon drums of paint and chemicals at the dead end of Belmont Circle on January 26. The area where the drums were dumped backs up to the EPA toxic waste site on North Hollywood. 

The two men were driving a burgundy 1998 extended cab GMC Sierra truck. The truck had tube-style running boards and tubular bed handrails. 

Police said the two men put the truck in reverse and then slammed on brakes--causing the barrels to slide off onto the ground. The men never got out of the truck. 

When the barrels hit the ground, the seals on several of the barrels broke. That caused paint and chemicals to leak on the ground. 

The men are wanted for criminal aggravated littering.

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