Thieves in white van escape with $12K worth of air conditioning units

LAKELAND, TN (WMC) - Police are searching for a white van wanted in connection with a bold theft in Lakeland.

According to police, the van was used in stealing $12,000 worth of air conditioning units.

The people in the van are suspected of stealing three Amana air conditioning units that were at a house under construction at the Preserve in Lakeland.

The thieves cut the electrical lines and the copper tubing attached to the air conditioning units. It appears they knew what they were doing, because they turned the breakers off before cutting the wires.

The man building the home, James Neal, said it would have taken at least two or three to carry the units.

Neighbors captured the truck on home surveillance video.

Residents in the area said it is frightening knowing that someone was in their neighborhood doing something like that.

Neal said it took the thieves just six minutes to pull off the heist.

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