Experts warn shoppers against online wish lists

(WMC / SWEEPSFEED) - Your online wish list could be revealing way too much about you.

Security experts warn our wish lists on Amazon, our baby registry, or even our wedding registry could put us at risk.

Eva Velasquez is the president of The Identity Theft Resource Center. He said while online wish lists are valuable; they're also public!

Many of those wish lists default to being public, which means anyone can search for you and look at your wish list.

"People simply don't know; they don't realize how much information they're sharing," Velasquez said.

By browsing random wish lists, WMC Action News 5 found people revealing telling details about their occupation, age, education, children, and home address.

Velasquez said that information can be a gold mine for identity thieves.

"Think of your identity like a puzzle, and the more pieces of the puzzle someone has the better the picture they have, and the easier it would be to pretend to be you and commit identity theft," Velasquez said.

The Identity Theft Resource Center has previous reports of other unwanted visitors taking advantage of people's wish lists.

"Perhaps you have a jealous ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and they're looking at your wedding registry that you have publicly available. You're giving them a lot of information, and maybe you don't want them to have that information," Velasquez said.

Velasquez and other online security experts suggest you make your wish lists private. Most of the wish lists have a setting that you can adjust to share it will only certain people.

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