Burglar steals personal documents, leaves electronics

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Several homes close to the Greenline have all been burglarized within a week, but police said a new lead in the case could put the culprit behind bars.

Police said the suspect in the recent home burglary on Hilldale Avenue on February 6 was caught on surveillance camera.

The victim said he wasn't surprised when he was told his home had been broken into, but he was shocked none of his electronics were taken.

He said the only things missing were his birth certificate and social security card. He believes the suspect was looking for guns.

"My room, my roommate's room, was all messed up," the victim said. "Living room, they were just looking for guns, that's what the police officer said."

The homeowner said his back window was broken out and he believes the thief jumped his back fence to get to the Greenline. That is where neighbors in the area said they believe the other homes were scouted out in past burglaries.

According to MPD Cyberwatch, within the last eight days there have been five home break-ins within blocks of the section of the Shelby Farms Greenline.

With the man still on the street, neighbors are warning everyone in the area to be careful when they are entering their home.

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