What we're working on Thursday morning

Happy Thursday!!

Are people calling in sick at work where you are? Are your kids home with the flu? What about your children's friends? We're talking about the illnesses hitting the area and the one school hiring extra staff to clean the school due an outbreak of multiple illnesses. We'll also give parents some tips to help keep their kids healthy.

Traffic on Union Avenue is flowing freely this morning in Midtown, but that wasn't the case yesterday when a suspicious package shut down traffic in both directions. We'll explain why Memphis police took such serious precautions.

Changes could be coming to open container laws in Tennessee. Currently the state bans drivers from drinking at the wheel, but does not extend that prohibition to passengers. It conflicts with federal open container guidelines, which causes about $18 million in federal road money to be redirected toward drunken-driving enforcement. Details this morning.

A federal warning this morning about a scam targeting black church communities. The Federal Trade Commission says scammers approach church-goers about a government program that pays your monthly bills for an up-front payment. We'll more details about it this morning.

When it comes to your diet, adding whole grains is not only good for your health, it may also help you lose weight. We'll explain new information behind a new study about whole grains.

Sunny, but chilly.  It's in the 30s across much of the region. 60s & 70s this weekend.  Rain returns late this weekend. Details on the day and week ahead on WMC5 with weather and traffic no more than 7 mins away all morning long.

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18-year-old shot, killed in Clarksdale; suspect in custody 

$789M in unclaimed property waiting to be returned in Tennessee 

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Andrew Douglas