Fmr. MATA CEO ‘didn't feel comfortable,’ left hotel before being arrested in prostitution sting

MEMPHIS, TN (NBC) - The former MATA CEO admitted to police that he agreed to pay for sex, according to a police report.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies arrested 42 people--including some who specifically tried to solicit sex from minors--in Memphis during Operation Someone Like Me.

Former MATA CEO Ron Garrison was one of the people arrested in the undercover operation. He did not try and solicit sex from a minor.

The police report details that Garrison used his telephone to contact an undercover TBI agent who was posing as a prostitute. Garrison and the undercover agent agreed to exchange $80 for 30 minutes of sex.

Garrison went to a hotel less than 1.5 miles away from St. Benedict High School in Cordova, Tennessee, to meet the undercover TBI agent.

Once in the hotel, Garrison said he "didn't feel comfortable" with the arrangement, according to the police report. He left the hotel room and was arrested on his way out. Investigators said, after being read his Miranda rights, Garrison admitted that he was there to meet a prostitute and engage in sexual activity.

That's when he was arrested.

Following Garrison's arrest, Memphis City Council members said they want an audit done to account for every penny during the time Garrison served as CEO of MATA.

After a large investment to the public transportation system, they want to make sure none of the millions of taxpayer's dollars were used in connection to an attempt to buy sex from a prostitute.

"We gave them an additional $5 million in CIP capitol improvement, and we also increased their money towards general funds," City Council chairman Berlin Boyd said. "So, I think it was roughly another $5 million in general funds as well."

Within weeks Memphis City Council hopes to see a full record of every time he used his company credit cards. If that report comes back showing he misused funds, chairman Berlin Boyd said they will criminally prosecute him.

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