New emojis include facepalm, shoulder shrug, drooling face

New emojis include facepalm, shoulder shrug, drooling face

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - If you've updated to iOS 10.2, you are in for some fun when you discover the new emojis that rolled out with it.

Several of the new emojis include a "blowing your nose," "clown face," "cowboy face," and a "drooling face." More importantly, we now have access to a "facepalm," "shoulder shrug," and a "pregnant woman."

Emojis featuring characters (male, female, and all races) in multiple occupations are a welcomed sight, too. A few occupations that are represented include detectives, artists, police officers, astronauts, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, judges, doctors, and firefighters.

In addition to rolling out brand new emojis, the oldies (but goodies) were updated to appear even more realistic. For example, my personal favorite "burrito" emoji looks just like the foil-wrapped awesomeness that I brought home from Chipotle yesterday. The colors put into the "beer" emojis are also quite impressive...and we can't overlook the fact that there is a new "rocks glass" emoji for whiskey drinkers.

Whether you like emojis or not, they're here to stay. Consider this a fair warning, now that there are new and, let's face it, better emojis, you'll probably see them popping up even more.

Ever wonder what all of these emoji are supposed to mean? Click here to find out.

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