Sherrif's deputy writes poem honoring law enforcement

Sherrif's deputy writes poem honoring law enforcement

TIPTON COUNTY, TN (WMC) - A sheriff's deputy for Tipton county honored his fellow officers with a poem.

Jeremy Finney puts on a uniform and knows how dangerous it is to serve and protect.

"He is not only my brother but he is also my hero! He has the biggest heart and everyday he puts on that uniform not only does he give his all at the work he does, but he also makes sure to kiss and tell his family he loves them because he knows how dangerous his duty is," says Finney's sister Mary Finney.

Mary shared the poem with WMC Action News 5 in hopes of recognizing her brother and other officers and deputies.

This Black Band

It seems as though my badge has a permanent black band,

My brothers falling in an attempt to make a stand.

Up on the alter before us all,

Another sister laid out for simply answering a call.

Officers walking among those filled with hate,

As chaos calls them to their fate.

Deputies entering homes while everyone is sound asleep.

Loyal to an oath they swore to keep.

Officers attempting to make a difference, but getting slain,

Their families at home will never be the same.

Their bodies taken away in that large black bag,

Spouses receiving that folded American flag.

As we get in line and travel the sea of blue,

The world questions what America should do?

The streets filled with racism and hate,

One after another, police officers fill heaven's gates.

Sons and daughters left without a dad,

Families advising last words said, or wished they had.

Putting on that vest with days end, unbeknown,

Unaware you may not be making it home.

Until we meet again I will vow to take a stand,

And in your honor, I wear this black band.

- Jeremy Finney

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