Mother of convicted cop killer seeks changes to MPD policy

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The mother of a man convicted of shooting and killing a Memphis police officer is sharing her story of grief over the horrific situation that landed her son in prison, along with the changes she is fighting to see happen at MPD.

"I'm his mother and my heart is really broken, but I just fight through the tears," Treveno Campbell's mother Trina Campbell said.

She is trying to accept the harsh reality that her son is convicted of shooting and killing a police officer.

"This is tragic all the way around for both families," Campbell said.

A jury convicted Treveno Campbell of second-degree murder for killing MPD officer Martoiya Lang, a mother of four, during a drug raid at his home in December 2012. The search warrant authorizing that raid had police looking for Campbell's uncle, who at the time was not home.

"It's a nightmare for him," Trina said.

But now, his mother is calling for a big change at Memphis Police Department.

"I want the MPD, I really want them to change their policies and these procedures," Trina said.

Campbell believes her son's defense. She believes he didn't know police were in the house when he opened fire, even though prosecutors said Campbell intentionally shot officer Lang.

However, Memphis police have made some changes in the past few years. MPD said they have increased their training on search warrants.

"The Organized Crime Unit has enhanced the search warrant entry training and improved on how we assess each individual warrant."

Trina Campbell said if MPD had better policies in place before the incident, Lang would still be alive and Campbell could be out of jail saving lives.

"I despise the image they tried to give him. He's not that person," Trina said.

She said her son was a graduate of Craigmont High School and was working at FedEx. He was also in school training to be an EMT.

"He's a good kid, never got in trouble, never went to jail, no prior history," she said.

Treveno Campbell will be sentenced March 3.

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