Loved ones rally for justice for convicted cop killer

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Friends, family members, and more showed their support for a man convicted of murdering a Memphis police officer.

The group came together for a vigil for Treveno Campbell, who is convicted of second-degree murder of Martoiya Lang.

About 30 people prayed, sang, and marched for Campbell, whose mother said there is more to the case than what was presented.

"I don't think justice was served," Trina Campbell said. "That's why I'm here. Justice was not served."

Treveno Campbell, 25, was found guilty on January 31.

The jury said Campbell show and killed Officer Lang in 2012 when officers issued a search warrant in the Berclair area. Campbell's mother does not agree with the charges.

"I think that it was a reckless homicide, if he was afraid and didn't know what was going on and he started shooting," Trina Campbell said. "But he would have never shot if he saw Officer Lang."

Campbell said she believes it was unjust than an MPD officer there at the time of the shooting was allowed to plead the fifth.

"I want to know what he pleaded the fifth about. That's all I want to know. Why was he allowed to plead the 5th?"

That's the reason people are supporting Treveno Campbell, calling for justice.

"We don't want Treveno to spend the rest of his life behind bars," his grandmother Patricia Morris said. "That's why we stand here today."

Shelby County School Board Member Stephanie Love originally stated that she would attend the event. However, she released this statement after she said the family asked her not to be there on Saturday:

"I am issuing this statement to clarify remarks attributed to me in a story run on WMCTV Action News 5 yesterday regarding my involvement with prayer vigils for Treveno Campbell who was convicted of killing Memphis Police Officer Martoiya Lang. Let me state clearly, that I am not hosting any prayer vigil for Treveno Campbell nor will I be attending vigils, this being based upon his family's desires. The death of Officer Lang is a tragedy that touched everyone of us in this community. Police officers put their lives on the line every day to protect us and I am thankful and appreciative for the Memphis Police Department and the work they do in keeping us safe. Treveno's mother is a Church Member and many in our congregation have extended their support to the family during these times. The trial proceedings raised issues that for many deserve attention. However, it was not my intent to minimize the sacrifice made by Officer Lang or any of our law enforcement officers. If people took my remarks as not valuing the life of Officer Lang and other members of law enforcement, that certainly was not my intent. I will be praying for ALL of the families. Criminal justice reform deserves attention but not at the expense or sacrifice of our law enforcement officers."

The family said they will hold another protest for justice on March 3, when Campbell is scheduled to be sentenced.

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