Neighborhood alliance can keep criminals out for good

Neighborhood alliance can keep criminals out for good

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A newly-formed neighborhood association is giving Twin Lakes neighbors in the Raleigh-Frayser area more power to remove criminals living among them.

One of the man goals of the newly-formed Twin Lakes Neighborhood Association is setting a five-year target to clean up their North Memphis neighborhood, with the hopes of raising property values and removing repeat criminal offenders.

Patricia Williams is one in the neighborhood that hopes to see the gradual change from her front door.

"It's not a bad looking neighborhood, and if you get those people out I think that it will bring more people to the neighborhood," Williams said.

The neighborhood is now an official organization, utilizing the Neighborhood Protection Act, signed by Governor Bill Haslam in 2015.

Under the measure, a formally recognized residential entity will be able to petition a judge for a restraining order against repeat criminals that target the inside of its boundaries. The offender must have been convicted of three or more offenses inside that area.

"If they leave, it would be a better place," Williams said.

With help from State Representative Antonio Parkinson, the hope is that the creation of the association will remove the crime, making the neighborhood more livable and potentially bring more business and growth to the area.

Few people in the neighborhood know about the association, but they have hopes that word will spread.

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