Here's a look at our Tuesday morning headlines

Good Tuesday morning!

A hazmat situation--the smell that was reported following the spill overnight in Whitehaven. We'll explain what happened and what was the smell. We have new information this morning.

Paving our roads! How you can find out when your street will be paved by the City of Memphis. We'll show you a map that explains when and where your street will be paved.

A 10-year-old girl shot.  Where it happened and what neighbors are saying they are the most concerned about this morning.

Heroin is a growing epidemic in the Mid-South, claiming lives and tearing apart families, but a group of parents is fighting back against addiction. We'll explain how a mom and a radio station went from perceived enemies to allies in a common cause.

Also a big vote in Collierville gives the town Sunday beer sales. We'll explain when that will begin.

Showers today and it could get heavy in some spots. Highs near 70 this weekend. Details on the day and week ahead and a peek to the weekend with weather and traffic no more than 7 mins away on WMC Action News 5.

Here are the top stories on :

Proposed bill seeks to repeal law classifying babies as legitimate if born via artificial insemination 

Man kills ex-wife, shoots teen daughter before committing suicide 

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Andrew Douglas