Purple Heart to be returned to family after 40 years

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Inside the walls of Town and Country Locksmiths in Memphis, there's more than just locks and keys--there's history.

"I've had these Purple Hearts and Silver Stars for as long I can remember," said Town &Country Locksmiths co-owner Bo Bosi.

For the last forty years, Bosi has owned two precious medals: a Silver Star and a Purple Heart. He never knew how he got them or to whom they belonged.

"If my family or somebody in my family had a Purple Heart, I would want it back," Bosi said.

After failed attempts to find out whose they were, he saw an episode of 'American Pickers' where he heard about the non-profit "Purple Hearts Reunited." It returns war medals to their rightful owners.

"We're talking about history here," says Zachariah Fike with Purple Hearts Reunited. "And we're talking about veterans who sacrificed quite a bit to us."

They did the research and found the medals belonged to WWII hero and Marine Audrey Winn. They also learned how he became so highly decorated.

"Private Winn carried ammunition to guns through a hail of enemy fire and kept his mates well supplied with ammunition," says Fike.

Winn's story is not unique. According to "Purple Hearts Reunited," thousands of war medals like Winn's are hidden in attics and other places instead of in the hands of heroes. As soon as two weeks from now, the organization, with the help of Bosi, will return the medals to Winn's family in Little Rock.

"I'm glad to give it back to the family who it belongs to," said Bosi.

A happy ending which Bosi hopes will spur others to follow in his footsteps and return medals they have.

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