Mother of 10-year-old shooting victim: 'I thought I was going to lose my child'

Vynnitra Dobbs (Source: Family)
Vynnitra Dobbs (Source: Family)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A 10-year-old girl shot in her living room is out of surgery and improving.

Tuesday, Vynnitra Dobbs could only move her fingers and toes. She underwent surgery Wednesday morning.

"Sitting here not able to say anything to me, not able to look at me, nothing, not even hearing her voice," Arnitra Bruce said. "I am thankful to God that he blessed my baby to outlive this situation."

Bruce, Vynnitra's mother, is devastated and keeps reliving the moment her daughter rushed to her arms.

"All we heard was [gunshots] so I called her. I told her to come here, and she fell in my arms not knowing that she had been hit," Bruce said.

Bruce initially feared the worst.

"I thought I was going to lose my child," Bruce said. "That is the hardest thing a mother has to go through, not knowing if I'm going to see my child again and I wouldn't wish that on nobody."

But luckily, Vynnitra's condition has improved.

After surgery, Dobbs' family said she could open her eyes on her own.

Vynnitra's father Vincent Dobbs was involved in an argument with another man Monday. When he turned around, he said he heard gunshots. That's when he walked into his apartment and saw Vynnitra's mother holding the bleeding child.

"I threw my hands up because I knew he had a gun on him so I came on in the house," Dobbs said.

Vynnitra is a fourth grader at Douglass Elementary School. Her family said prayers have been pouring in. Her principal even led a prayer from her hospital bed.

"An innocent child got hurt for nothing and it didn't have anything to do with her," Dobbs said.

The family set up a GoFundMe to help raise funds so they can relocate to a better neighborhood.

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