Mystery radar blob detected Wednesday evening

Mystery radar blob detected Wednesday evening

(WMC) - Radar does a fantastic job of detecting rain, storms and sometimes, even tornadoes. But radar doesn't just see raindrops and snowflakes. It can detect planes, bugs, chaff and especially birds. Flocks of birds will often take off from the ground early in the morning around sunrise in the shape of a big ring. This is called a roost ring. Here is an example of one below.

Wednesday evening, a flock of geese were spotted on radar but it was a little harder to figure out at first. It looked like a small shower moving southeast through northeast Arkansas. But it was clear outside which ruled out the shower theory. Here is a snapshot I captured of it. I circled Memphis but the blob is just west of Jonesboro above the arrow.

Chief Meteorologist Ron Childers, myself and several other meteorologists were tracking this mysterious radar "blob" and trying to get confirmation if it was a flock of birds or something unrelated. Then reports came in of someone spotting it near Wynne and another hearing them in Cross county. Ron snapped close up shot below on First Alert Vipir 5 and measured it from one end to the other. The flock was nearly 19 miles long! That's unbelievable. At one point, I estimated the flock to be around 6000 feet high.

This was a good reminder to always check the radar, even on a clear day. You never know what will show up!

Spencer Denton
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