Mom, son charged with fighting at Whitehaven High School

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A mom and her son were arrested after starting a fight while trying to register at Whitehaven High School.

Tarrenzo Pennington went to the school to register for classes. However, according to the police report, he started fighting with another teenager at the school inside the main office.

That's when his mother, Takedrea Pennington, picked up a chair and started cursing. She did not hit anyone with the chair, but the school's principal said she was causing a safety issue.

After the suspects left the office, Tarrenzo was approached by two deputies. The deputies said Tarrenzo was acting aggressively towards them and said he had brass knuckles with him.

Another teenager also started fighting with deputies while Tarrenzo was resisting arrest.

Takedrea, Tarrenzo, and two people under 18 were all arrested. Memphis Police Department officers said the fights were gang-related.

Takedrea Pennington is charged with disorderly conduct.

Tarrenzo Pennington is charged with assault, carrying a weapon on school property, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

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