An age-old trick to get the best deals on electronics

An age-old trick to get the best deals on electronics

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - You know you can typically find the best deals on TVs and laptops during Black Friday or right before the Super Bowl, but there are a few other ways to save.

There are regular sales on televisions and laptops at most electronic stores. The experts said you should wait and keep an eye for the right deal. However, if you are just itching for a deal, then you can probably find one if you shop around.

One of the best tricks to finding a deal is to ask for the "open box" or "returned" items. A lot of times, these items are perfectly OK. The trick here is to find the one that has the best markdown. You may get one with a mark on the case, but it doesn't affect the picture.

However, there is one trick which goes back well before electronics were even invented. It's something you can start using right away and at most retailers--haggling.

The best time to haggle is in the morning or evening, when the sales staff is less busy. Try to bargain when there aren't any other customers around.

You can also sometimes knock a few bucks off the price tag if you pay in cash.

If that doesn't work, try asking for free installation, free shipping, or an extended warranty.

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