Father killed while shielding 1-year-old from attack

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Friends and colleagues said the last thing a father of three did before being killed was to shield his 1-year-old son from danger.

Noah Ashene, 42, was working at Golden Jewelers when a man came into the store with a gun.

At some point during the robbery, Ashene went to cover his son. His act of heroism cost him his life.

Memphis Police Department said Ashene was stabbed and died from his injuries.

Barbara Sears was working next door when Ashene's wife screamed after she found her husband had been stabbed in the back.

"I will never forget that scream," Sears said.

Ashene was the father of three children. He had worked at the jeweler for years in order to provide for his family. Sears said people were coming by all day Friday, upset to hear the news of his death. One person even dropped off flowers for the man everyone describes as incredibly friendly.

"He would wave when we go by, or he would peak out the window to get our attention, say hi," Sears said.

"He's a very, very, good guy, honest, dependable and he's a very sweet person," customer Susan Wilson said.

Sears said the last thing Ashene did before he died was shield his 1-year-old boy from the attack.

"Covered his child. Just protected his child," Sears said. "A hero, a hero."

Sears is asking for the person responsible for the attack to come forward.

"Turn yourself in. Turn yourself in," she said.

Witnesses said the suspect was allegedly caught on surveillance camera, but that video has not been released.

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