Woman punches man, stops him from stealing her purse

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A woman punched a man who tried to steal her purse.

The woman was at the Circle K gas station Redbox located near the intersection of Highway 64 and Rockcreek Parkway in Arlington, Tennessee.

She said as she reached for her purse to pay for her movie, a man came out of nowhere and tried to take her purse.

"It caught me by surprise," she said. "I had opened my purse like this to get my wallet to pay for the movie and when I did that's when he reached in to grab it."

However, the woman refused to let go of her purse. She even fought back, punching the man in the face.

"He scratched me trying to get the purse," she said. "He reached to grab it, and I just popped him in the nose."

The man then released her purse and ran behind the gas station.

Bryan said she's trained in self-defense and her first instinct was to fight back. She's thankful he wasn't carrying a gun.

"If someone is holding a gun, I would do it a little differently," she said.

She's now encouraging women to not be vulnerable.

"Until we start fighting back, they're going to keep this stuff up," she said.

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