It wasn't so long ago....

It wasn't so long ago....

Mid-south (WMC) - The unseasonably warm temperatures lately have me missing the winter season.

My wife even made the comment today that it's been so warm that she hasn't had the chance to wear her "super cute winter outfits." That line made me chuckle, but it also made me realize that I've been in t-shirts and shorts more than a few times this winter...and it is winter!

Oh, but how quickly we forget the winters that we wished for warmer temperatures and as a matter of fact is wasn't that long ago that I was getting inundated with e-mails, tweets, and Facebook posts asking for a look ahead to warmer weather. Hopefully you remember that short time not so long ago or are you maybe scratching your head wondering when.

Think back to mid February 2015. It was February 16 to be exact, we had an inch and half of sleet and freezing rain that fell in Memphis and the Mid-South.

That month started off on a rather average note, with near average temperatures and even a trace of snow to tease us on February 5. Then on the 15th, a blast of arctic air descended on us that lasted into the beginning of March. High temperatures only reached the low to mid 30s most days and overnight lows were in the teens and 20s.

But it was the freezing rain and sleet that fell on the 16th and stayed on the ground for days that really added to the misery of the bitter cold. That was followed by some light snow on the 17th and two more rounds of sleet and freezing rain on the 20th and the 22nd. And it didn't end there, 1 to 3 inches of snow fell on much of northern Mississippi on the 25th.

I came to despise the cold at some point along the way that winter. And the cold just kept coming. There was another 3 inch snowfall on March 5 that year.

It wasn't until March 15 that we finally had high temperatures back in the mid 70s. It was the first time temperatures had climbed that high since mid October. We've already experienced high temperatures in the 70s five times this month and we'll have 70s again before the weekend is over.

I expect temperatures to remain in the 70s for much of next week. So, I'm going to enjoy this nice break from the winter cold and I might even try to work on my tan this weekend. While I slather a little sunscreen Sunday afternoon I may briefly yearn for a cold day and my favorite winter sweater that I've only worn once this season, but then I'll kick back with my sunglasses on, take a sip of a nice cold beverage, and soak up the sun and the warm temperatures.

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