Elaborate prom proposals warm Ripley High hearts

Elaborate prom proposals warm Ripley High hearts

RIPLEY, TN (WMC) - Perhaps, it's safe to say one of the sweetest things you'll see all day is these prom proposals from Ripley High students.

Both proposals feature high school seniors asking special needs students to prom.

In one proposal, Ripley High Senior Lyndsey Doles asks Dremario Taylor to prom.

When Dremario enters the school's gymnasium, she holds a sign that says "Dre, take it to the hoop, if you wanna go to prom."

Of course, he makes the shot.

In the other proposal, Senior Lauren Beasley asks Tristan Smith to be her date by bringing him out to the school parking lot.

She incorporates an entire 18-wheeler with a banner reading "we'd have a big time if you let me haul you to prom."

The Ripley High School Prom is on April 8.

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