What we're working on Monday morning

Good Monday morning!!

Blacklisted! The reason several people have to have an armed guard with them when they go to Memphis City Hall and what city leaders have to say about it. Some people are planning responses to the blacklist.  We have the latest information this morning.

Scoring some work! When and where you can land a job with The Memphis Redbirds! We share where you need to be later today.

A violent weekend in the City of Memphis. We break down what happened and what police are doing to solve these crimes and combat crime.

Sargento foods is expanding the recall of its cheeses. We have updated information.

The Mississippi Department of Mental Health could face $45 million worth of budget cuts. The lawmaker who crafted the proposed budget cut says this is money lawmakers gave to the department to create things like more jobs.

Tennessee's governor is refusing to budge when it comes to his proposal to raise the state's gas tax to fund transportation projects. Multiple lawmakers have proposed alternatives but Governor Bill Haslam dismissed them this week, saying his plan was the only plan out there. We'll explain the back and forth this morning.

Warm weather continues..Partly cloudy, temps in the 70s. We're talking about rain chances...Weather and traffic no more than 7 mins away on WMC Action News 5.

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Walmart manager helps SC family of 5 pay for groceries 

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