Proposed new travel restrictions could impact colleges such as U of M

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A revised version of President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration and refugee admittance is expected to be released soon.

Even with the proposed revisions, there is a growing concern on the impact the order will have on college international students and their interest for studying in America.

Currently, there are roughly 700 international students from 60 different countries attending the University of Memphis. There is growing concern that travel bans and restrictions will create a drop in international enrollment next fall.

They come from India to study technology, the Scandanavian countries to play soccer, and Japan to study business at the University of Memphis.

Hundreds of students from across the globe create a campus melting pot.

"Memphis is known all over the world. So, all of them come with the past history of music and culture and at the same time, we have some great academic programs that are world class," Dr. Jasbir Dhailwal said.

Dr. Dhailwal is U of M's Chief Innovation Officer and Vice Provost of Academic Affairs.

Universities across the nation are preparing for the impact President Trump's travel bans and restrictions will have on their enrollment. As of Monday afternoon, the revised order was still considered to be in an early drafting stage, according to officials in the administration.

Again, targeting seven Muslim-majority countries deems terrorism-prone, but excluding a ban on Syrian refugees.

"Unless we send right signals internationally, they will go to Canada, they will go to England, or they will go to a country like Australia that has historically recruited a lot of international students," Dhailwal said.

It's an impact, according to Dr. Dhailwal, Memphis companies will see since international students often stay to work for those companies after they graduate, bringing innovation and economic growth to Memphis.

Very few U of M students would be impacted by the proposed travel restrictions, but the university has suggested all international students not leave the country before talking with Homeland Security.

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