Arkansas students receive internships from around the world

CROSS COUNTY, AR (WMC) - Students in Cross County, Arkansas, are getting the chance to land excellent internships without leaving their classroom.

11th graders at Cross County High School are taking part in the global interactive internship program.

Students are using the power of the internet to connect with professionals across the world.

Monica Collins is thinking about becoming a pharmacist. She uses Skype to get lessons from an internship coordinator in Belgium once a week.

"She's taken me behind the scenes and showing all the stuff that goes into making vaccines and medications for the public," Collins said.

Tyler Smith is paired with a robotics engineer to learn about becoming an electrician.

"I am interning with Mr. Benjamin Jedson. He's with Virginia Tech college and he's been helping me by going through the simple basic things of circuits and different things like that," Smith said.

In Cross County, a community of less than 1,000 people, 63 miles away from Memphis, traditional internships are extremely limited. So teachers at the school came up with a creative way to give high school juniors broad access to careers and companies.

"We used our personal resource base and also did a lot of cold calling to contact people from around the country, people we went to college with, random people that we found on the internet to find these mentors," Keith Bardsley said.

Some students are also interning at Memphis companies like Be Bonheur.

"There's so many other things you can learn out there from people through an internship like this," Madisyn Mathes said.

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