Warm weather brings early allergies

Warm weather brings early allergies

Love this week's warmth? What if your sniffling and sneezing is keeping you from enjoying the outside? Tree pollen is kicking up a lot of people's allergies across the Mid-South, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Spring will typically yield the highest pollen levels, when grasses, plants, trees and flowers blossom and bloom- especially in the mornings. While most of that is still a month or so away from really getting going, the unseasonably warm weather is helping trees bloom a little early. This is the plants' way of reproduction. This is causing our allergies to suffer a bit early this season.

Other than staying inside, there are a few ways to help yourself out this winter and spring. Make sure your home is dust-free and wash and change your sheets once a week; more if your bedroom is particularly dusty. Central air and heat? Change those filters. Some folks say every 3 months but with heavy pollen I like to personally change mine every 6 weeks.

Medication helps—but always make sure you talk to your doctor first before starting any new over-the-counter drugs. In some cases a prescription may even be needed to combat the high pollen we see here in Memphis and the Mid-South.

A few simple tips that can help keep those allergies in line.

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