MATA trolleys to return with new safety features

MATA expects Downtown Memphis trolley service to return by the end of the year.

Interim MATA CEO Gary Rosenfeld said inspectors still have to approve the return of the trolleys, but as long as everything goes well during inspections, they should be up and running in 2017.

Rosenfeld said people will start seeing trolleys on the tracks soon (as they must be tested), but nobody will be allowed to ride them until the inspections process is complete.

"In the next coming week, months we're going to be having crews out and about doing repair work to the trolley lines and testing cars and getting service ready to start," Rosenfeld said. "[Passengers] won't be on them just yet because we've got several weeks of testing that has to happen and as cars arrive from the vendors they need to be tested as well."

MATA's trolley service was suspended in 2014 after a couple of the trolleys caught fire.

The new trolleys will feature a new interior design and extra safety features.

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