Warm weather doesn't mean more bugs, but it can mean bugs sooner

MUNFORD, TN (WMC) - Cold winters can kill off fleas and ticks, but with 80 degree days already hitting the Mid-South, mosquitoes are already taking over.

"Typically we don't get our season in full blast until April, and this year we're getting calls in February," Mosquito Joe's Steve Clark said.

Mosquito Joe is a company out of Munford, Tennessee, that specializes in mosquito control treatments.

The mild temperatures have many people wondering if going outside this spring is going to be unbearable. Clark said the conventional wisdom is not always true.

"A lot of people believe that a hard winter will help decrease the mosquito population, that's typically not true," Clark said.

Clark said the number of eggs the bug lays does not increase with warmer temperatures. However, he did say the warmer temperatures mean the mosquitoes will come out sooner in the year.

Instead of worrying about the temperatures, Clark suggests people look for other things on their property that they can control.

"We train our guys, our technicians, to go out and do an audit for water," Clark said.

The first thing they do, and you can do too, is remove all standing water in places like drainage pipes, bird feeders, and flower pots.

Clark's team then goes back to those areas to perform mosquito management.

"We treat it with a product that will keep those eggs from hatching," Clark explained.

It's the same trick for fleas and ticks.

In addition to getting rid of your water sources, Clark said your shrubs are a resting place for mosquitoes, so be sure to get those sprayed.

Having your yard treated for mosquitoes may not be in the budget, but Clark said it's worth it when it comes to threats like West Nile and Zika.

"In terms of affordability, it's hard to put a price on getting to spend and enjoy time outside with your family," Clark said.

Another thing to consider: Mosquito Joe is hiring. If you're interested in working for the company, click here.

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