Shots fired at family while driving to dinner

Shots fired at family while driving to dinner
(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)
(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A father said he felt totally helpless as shots rang out and bullets started flying toward his family.

He said they were simply driving to dinner when someone opened fire.

"Just to be riding down the road and someone pull a gun and shoot your car for no reason, it's just we're going to have to move," victim Richard Craig said.

Craig said he's had enough and is starting over somewhere else.

"I never expected nothing like that to happen," Craig said.

He, his wife, and his two children were heading to dinner in their car on Whitten Road, near Macon Road, on Thursday.

"All of a sudden we heard pah, sounds like a .22 going off," Craig said.

He said a young man in the passenger seat of a white Oldsmobile opened fire and hit their car on the driver side.

"They never even looked back to see if we were chasing them or anything," Craig said. "They just kept on dancing and rolling on."

He said those two men appeared to be between 16-22 years old.

"He put our lives in danger," Craig said. "He could have hit my wife. It could have killed her, could have hit her. She could have had a wreck and killed all of us."

As a father and a husband, he said he felt there wasn't anything he could do.

"It's like watching someone hurt one of your family members and you being tied down with a chain," Craig said.

Now, he's praying for justice.

"I hope they get caught soon because next time they could kill someone," he said.

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