TBI files reveal why officers pulled trigger in 2 officer-involved shootings

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Two Tennessee Bureau of Investigation files are now available on the Shelby County District Attorney's Office website.

The files are concerning two officer-involved shootings that happened in 2016: Alexio Allen and Luis Soto.

The files include not just paperwork, but tons of video, pictures, and audio files.

We hear in the officers' own words what prompted them to shoot, and what they say made them fear for their lives.

"They're in the doorway, where I'm at and I'm telling him drop it, drop it, drop it," MPD officer Leon Dickson said.

Dickson is heard on a recorded interview with TBI agents telling what happened when he chose to pull the trigger.

Dickson was identified as the officer who shot and killed Alexio Allen. Allen's family said he was having a mental episode the night he was killed.

The report details Allen's previous encounters, including a 911 call he made to police where he describes being fearful for his life.

"I believe I am being watched. I believe someone is out to try to kill me," Allen said in the call.

Police reportedly went to Allen's home twice, the second time was after family members called 911 asking for an ambulance. It was during this second encounter that officers described Allen as being agitated. While talking to officers, reportedly a struggle started between Allen and his fiance' over a rifle.

That's when officer Dickson said he repeatedly asked them to drop the weapon.

"That shotgun is pointed at the direction at my chest. At that time, that's when I fired my weapon," Dickson said.

In a separate case, officer Marshall Smith was off duty at the time Luis Soto was shot at a Memphis gas station.

"I'm a cop. I just shot a guy who pulled a gun on me," officer Marshall Smith said.

Smith was with his fiance' during a visitation exchange of her 4-year-old who had been with Soto. Witness statements said during the exchange, Soto pulled a gun and pointed it at Smith.

"No, I'm the one who shot him. I shot him," Smith said. "He pulled a gun on me and cocked one in the chamber and told me f*** me homie."

In both cases, no criminal charges were brought against the officers.

Soto's family said they plan on filing an appeal.

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