Meet the Residents of the Baddour Center - Rachael

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - "Well, I've been here since 2016.  And actually, I love it here." Rachael Bonner said.

Rachael is another one of the residents at The Baddour Center.

Rachael loves her job working with FedEx, whose facility is on site, so she doesn't have to travel far for work. Outside of working, she loves Riverkings Hockey, and she met her boyfriend at The Baddour Center.

Rachael is proud to tell you "It's been a great place, I have a lot of good friends and a great job. And I'm glad I'm here with the friends I met. This place is awesome, it's really fun. And I got a boyfriend."

Rachael, along with more than 140 other residents at the Baddour Center, works with an intellectual disability. But thanks to the staff and other residents at The Baddour Center, she's able to live an independent life. Along with providing a job, a paycheck, and a place to live, she's also able to enjoy luxuries like sporting events and shopping trips.

Why does the staff work so hard to provide these opportunities?

Community Engagement director Jenny Hurt will tell you "because we're a family."

Even with keeping a busy schedule, Rachael is able to keep up with her favorite thing to watch on television.  She "loves watching the news," and she'll tell you her favorite is "Channel 5."

For more information on The Baddour Center, please visit this website.

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