What we're working on Thursday morning

Good Thursday morning!

We have a sneak peak of the massive expansion of Graceland and the grand opening of "Elvis Presley's Memphis." It's a big revitalization behind Graceland.  It started with the hotel last year and has now moved to a massive entertainment complex. Details this morning on WMC.

A would-be thief caused quite the stir trying to get away from a Southaven Walmart. Investigators say a Southaven officer was hurt after the would-be thief took a computer or printer, tried to get away, then rammed several cars including Southaven police cars.We'll update you this morning

Shelby County Commissioners will vote to appoint who will temporary fill the seat left behind by former state representative Mark Lovell on April 3. We'll update you on the process this morning.

We are following new updates about the arrest of prominent lawyer Arthur Horne. He is charged this morning after he apparently got into a fight with his ex-girlfriend. He last made headlines for his involvement in the Darrius Stewart case. New information this morning.

Temps in the mid to upper 30s tonight and tomorrow night, Sunny and cool today. Great weekend weather in the forecast. Details this morning with weather and traffic no more than 7 mins away on WMC Action News 5 all morning long.

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The worldwide buzz over a 'colorblind' 5-year-old's hair 

Prominent Memphis attorney Art Horne arrested for aggravated rape, aggravated assault 

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Andrew Douglas