Homeless refuge stolen out of church parking lot

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A place of refuge for homeless Memphians has been stolen.

Jim Hamblin pastor of West Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church got a disturbing call Thursday morning.

"I got a call this morning that our shower trailer we were building at the Room at the Inn Homeless Ministry was not in the parking lot," Hamblin recalled.

Volunteers spent six months turning a donated trailer into a place with four shower stalls.

Ben Holt is the coordinator of the Room at the Inn homeless program at the church.

"We've redone it from the bottom up. New floor, had the walls installed; new plumbing in the walls; water heater was inside," Holt said.

The church planned to take the trailer to different locations so homeless Memphians could take showers. It's an idea that's received great feedback in other cities.

"It's fairly rare for the homeless to have access to showers," Holt said.

The trailer was sitting right in the church parking lot when the bold crooks showed up sometime Wednesday night or early Thursday morning and took it.

The trailer was on leveling jacks, so you couldn't just take off with it. You had to dismantle it, and that would have taken at least 30 minutes.

The crooks would've also needed a big pickup to haul the trailer off.

It is not clear what someone would do with a trailer with four doors on the side, but the theft appears to have involved some type of planning.

"For somebody to do that, I just don't know what kind of person does that. Somebody who needs Jesus--I know that," Holt said.

If you have any idea who took the trailer, please contact law enforcement immediately.

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