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Monday @ 6 a.m.: Find out if the IRS owes you money

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The deadline to file your taxes for 2016 is coming up in April, but there are some ways you can start saving more for this year.

According to the experts at Bank Rate, one easy way to maximize your return is through retirement contributions. They say these contributions are tax deferred and grow tax free. 

They also suggest adjusting your withholding. They say changing your year-to-date withholding and changing the taxes withheld if you are expecting a large refund can make a big difference. They say this is especially important if you are claiming an EITC, or Earned Income Tax Credit.

Monday morning on WMC Action News 5, there may be a reason why you are owed even more money from the IRS from years ago. We explain how you can get it and the deadline you need to follow.

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