Special education student says he was beaten while teacher watched

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A special education student said he was beaten by his peers with a stick while a teacher watched.

Loria White says a teacher at Mitchell High School is to blame for the cast on the arm of her 15-year-old grandson KeyShaun.

"It hurts me, because I'm here to protect him," White said.

White said KeyShaun can't protect himself like other children because he's severely mentally disabled. According to a police report, KeyShaun claims several kids in his class beat him with a stick repeatedly on Thursday while an assistant special education teacher watched.

"Nothing," KeyShaun said of the actions the teacher took. "He was…he was just making faces at me. He wasn't trying to stop neither one of them."

White claims the injury wasn't discovered until after KeyShaun got off the school bus on his way home. She said doctors diagnosed KeyShaun with a broken elbow.

"The doctors told me that, yeah, you could tell that somebody hit him, because it was swollen," White said.

She now wants to see the teacher fired.

"This man is responsible for what happened at school, and he shouldn't be in school with nobody's child," White said.

KeyShaun wants more than that…he wants the teacher to be arrested, because he's afraid to go to class.

"I just don't want to get hurt no more," he said.

Shelby County Schools said they are gathering details and the situation is under investigation.

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