Robbery spree leads to crash; no arrests made

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Sunday morning crime spree led to a car crashing into a fence and the suspect running away.

According to Memphis Police Department, a man went into Exxon in the 2900 block of Kirby Road and attempted to purchase cigars just before 7 a.m. When the cashier opened the drawer, the man jumped the counter and stole money from the register.

The victim told police the man told her to sit down and not move. He drove away from the scene in a gray four-door Lexus with spray paint on it.

The victim described the man as around 50 years old with a gray beard and wearing a tan coat, skull cap, and dark shirt.

Then at 7:30 a.m., police said an 87-year-old called and said he had just walked out of his home to go to church when a man fitting the same description as the Exxon robbery suspect walked up to him on Dee Cove.

The victim said the man threw him to the ground and stole several items while he was down. The 87-year-old was not injured.

Police were also flagged down at 7:34 a.m. by an 88-year-old who had injuries to his face and hands. He said he was sitting in his car at his home on Dee Road when a man matching the same suspect description jumped in the driver's seat and tried to force him out of the car.

The suspect then started driving the car and pushed the 88-year-old man from the moving vehicle and continued to drive off.

The vehicle was later found with no damage. It was returned to the victim.

Later on, at 8:37 a.m., officers found a silver Lexus with spray paint on it crashed into a fence at Quince Road and West Crestwood Road

"These people have no empathy. They don't care," Hal Lovett said. "It's very sad, especially on a Sunday morning when people are getting ready to go to church. And hopefully they'll go to church if they're OK and pray for this guy."

Lovett lives nearby and came up on the crash.

"I haven't seen a car go that far back," he said. "He must've been flying."

Other neighbors are concerned after this happened in what they consider a quiet area.

"This is a very safe cove, and we pride ourselves on how safe this cove is," Rick White said.

Neighbor Lauren Loy has a stern message for the suspect.

"Their neighbors are watching and their neighbors are not 85 years old," she said.

Van Sebring lives nearby, and said he will protect himself if the same thing happens to him.

"I have something on every corner, in every room of this house. I'll take care of it if they try to break in on me," Sebring said.

No arrests have been made.

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