House cleaners find human remains in trash pile

HERNANDO, MS (WMC) - Human remains were found in Hernando, according to District Attorney John Champion.

The remains were found by a man who was cleaning a house. He suspects the body has been there for at least 14 months.

"It was scary to find something like that," Ricky Lee Joyner said. "He had called his brother missing in 2015."

Joyner and his friend were hired to clean out the house by the brother of a man who died at the home in January. While cleaning, Joyner discovered what appeared to be a leg.

They found what investigators said is likely the body of a man reported missing in 2015.

Investigators said the body was found inside the house in a room under a lot of trash with the room nailed shut.

"It's definitely suspicious in nature to say the least just because of the trash that's piled up in there," Hernando police chief Scott Worsham said.

The brother who died in January called for help, but when paramedics arrived, he already died. Investigators said his death was not suspicious.

The man who called to have the house clean is a brother of the two men who lived at the home.

Joyner said when the brother came by asking about the missing brother, the brother who lived in the house said he took off.

Police are also looking into what happened to the government checks the brother who disappeared in 2015 was getting.

Hernando police are waiting for the results from the crime lab to determine how the man found in the house died.

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