Satirical prophecy signals Dave Brown's return

Satirical prophecy signals Dave Brown's return

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - An ominous prophecy reported in a Midtown parking lot could mean the second coming of Dave Brown, or so reports Bluff News.

The satire website poked fun at WMC Action News 5 Chief Meteorologist Emeritus Dave Brown, referencing a prophecy that would bring Dave back to the WMC5 studio.

The humorous article said fans across the Mid-South hope for Dave's eventual return, adding that a truly apocalyptic weather event would certainly place him in front of the chroma key once more.

"I've even heard some say that it'll be the end of the world that will cause his return, or something worse, like three inches of snow," the article reads.

The article said several people reported seeing a mystical form of a crowned Dave Brown sitting on a stone throne and speaking about birds circling Bass Pro Pyramid. This image, the article cited, is a symbol of hope that signifies the return of Dave Brown, a much beloved figure in the Mid-South.

Though we're not sure Dave spends his days on a stone throne, we think he's pretty happy to stay home on snow days. Yet, of course, we'd love to have him in the WMC5 studio as much as possible--so bring on the fulfillment of the prophecy.

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