Proposed TN bill would make phone use illegal while driving

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A proposed bill in Tennessee would make it a Class C misdemeanor if you are caught driving a vehicle while talking on a cell phone.

"I think it absolutely should be a law. You shouldn't be on your cell phones while you're driving," Holland Aguayo said.

Aguayo is one of many who support the bill; others think the move is a step too far.

"I feel like it's definite over reach," Courtney White said. "Obviously texting and driving is an issue."

Senator Jim Tracey sponsored the bill that would fine adults and juveniles $50.

The companion bill in the house would increase the penalties for drivers who were using phones and caused a crash.

Both bills have a long way to go before becoming law, but some believe there are other steps to take before banning cell phone use all together.

"I use my phone all the time to listen to music and to figure out where I'm going, so I just feel like it's a very harsh and extreme measure," White said.

The bill will be moved to the in-Senate Transportation and Safety Committee later this month.

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