Protesters to continue without Memphis permit

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Protesters plan to take to the streets of Memphis on Friday to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.

City of Memphis denied the protesters' request for a permit to protest, but the group said that will not stop them.

Organizer Zanya Cruz said the march will start at 7 p.m. at Beale Street Landing and end at Memphis City Hall. Cruz and other organizers said they were not shocked to learn the city denied them a permit for Friday's march and prayer walk through downtown.

"This unity is something powerful or else there would be no resistance," Cruz said.

The protesters say the pipeline will destroy Native American land and oil could be carried into drinking water.

"We are doing this as a prayer, on our indigenous homeland, and we have that right and the constitution says we have that right as well," Cruz said.

The march will begin at Beale Street Landing and end at City Hall on Friday at 7 p.m.

Activist Paul Garner took to social media asking for Memphians to call Mayor Jim Strickland. Organizers said the prayer walk will encourage others to practice their First Amendment right.

Memphis leaders said they denied the protesters' request for a permit because organizers did not meet several requirements with the application.

"They did not apply for the permit within the 14 days that is required by the ordinance which has been in effect for years. And the protest did not fall under the category of a spontaneous news event which only requires three days notice. The protest on DAP has been ongoing since at least September of last year."

But, activists said their march is in solidarity with a similar march in Washington D.C. that was announced this week.

"If we can't unite, we are not going to make a change and a chance has to happen now," Cruz said.

In November 2016, protesters walked Downtown Memphis in a similar protest.

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