Boy leaves apology note, $5 bill for stealing wind chimes

Boy leaves apology note, $5 bill for stealing wind chimes

Lakewood, Wash (SOURCE: KONG via CNN) - A missing wind chime, a note, and a $5 bill have left one Lakewood woman searching for a young boy named Jake. Her search has now gone viral.

"I just like the sound. It's relaxing," Christina Reitz said.

Reitz has several wind chimes around her home.

"Well four now, but I had five," she said.

The fifth had a butterfly dancing in the wind.

"Like is my wind chime really missing? I thought it was a joke and I came out and it was gone," she said.

But there was a note and a $5 bill.

"I am sorry that we stoled your wind chime. Our mom died and she liked butterflies and so our sister took it to put by her window. I am sorry. This is the only money I have. Please do not be mad at us, Jake."

While Christina doesn't know Jake or his sister, she is familiar with their grief.

"Just because I know how it is to lose a parent...sorry."

Christina took a picture of the note and the $5 bill and put the story online.

"I just posted in our little local Facebook group if anyone knows who Jake is and I can give him his money back and it went a little farther than that."

Messages of support have come in places far beyond her Lakewood home.

"I'm getting requests from Brazil and Portugal to be updated on it," she said.

They want to know if she has found Jake, but unfortunately so far, she hasn't.

"Like, I don't know the age of the kid, but I don't want him to be scared to come forward and embarrassed."

She also wants him to know.

"Just that there are caring people out there and I want them to know that, you know. There is forgiveness."

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