Bus driver saves lost boy wandering in cold without shoes

MILWAUKEE, WI (NBC) - A 5-year-old child has a Milwaukee bus driver to thank for saving him from the freezing cold. The child left home in the middle of the night without shoes or a jacket.

Denise Wilson was about to begin her final bus route of the night back on January 28 and she was trying to decide if she should take a break.

"It was basically that I wasn't going to stop, I was just going to keep going," she said.

But, something made her get off the bus and when she did, she heard screaming.

"I looked over from where the sound was coming from and it was him just running up the street hollering," she recalled.

The boy was lost and running toward Denise.

"I picked him up because he had little shorts on and no shoes. So, I picked him up and ran across to the gas station," she said.

Police said the little boy walked about two blocks in 20 degree weather without shoes. He was wearing a shirt someone gave him at a gas station.

"He was crying and I said, 'It will be OK. Stop crying, stop crying," Denise said.

She tried to get the boy warm by cranking up the heat and wrapping him in her coat. She then gave him a snack while they waited on police.

"Sometimes God puts us in places where he needs us and I think a lot of us bus drivers out here seem to always be in the right place," Denise said.

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