Anger-fueled vandalism caught on camera at convenience store

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A video surfaced on Facebook showing an anger-fueled act of vandalism and violence at a convenience store in Memphis. The violence spilled into the parking lot where multiple cars were damaged.

Memphis Police Department confirms the violence happened just after 6 p.m. on Saturday at Lamar Corner Grocery, which is located at the intersection of Lamar Avenue and Bellevue Boulevard.

As the video starts, you can hear items shattering inside the store.

A woman with pink hair started yelling, "Where the b---- at?" as she swung a type of metal rod in a threatening manner. Inside the store, a display was knocked over, its merchandise sprawled across the ground.

A second woman, this one wearing a Memphis Tigers sweatshirt, grabbed the metal rod and headed out into the parking lot where she began smashing the windows and doors of a white Ford Mustang convertible. The doors of the convenience store could be seen falling off their hinges as the violence continued.

Someone from inside the store ran outside and threw something at the two vandals, but quickly retreated back inside. As the two girls got into a vehicle to leave, the man who came out of the store the first time, came back outside again and threw a heavy object at the window of the vandals' car.

At that point, four people emerged from the car and started smashing the windows of the Mustang once again.

The clerk told MPD officers that the girls were trying to buy tobacco products, but he knew they were underage so he refused the sale. That's what sparked the outrage. At one point, he tried to lock the girls inside the store, but they pulled the door off its hinges in order to get outside.

"He locked the door, then they snatched the door open. turned the door sideways. I'm talking about took the door off the hinges," said a witness who asked not to be identified. "The other young lady got out. They had an iron pipe. They went to beating the man's wind shield and broke it."

So far, no arrests have been made. A police report was filed and MPD officers took photos of the damaged store and vehicle.

"You can handle it in a way better than you're doing," said Lamar Corner Grocery customer Pam Henderson. "You shouldn't have no pipes and stuff. You're going to jail."

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