LOCAL MUSIC REVIEW: Led Zeppin' keeps true to iconic 70s sound

LOCAL MUSIC REVIEW: Led Zeppin' keeps true to iconic 70s sound
(Source: Justin Jaggers / WMC Action News 5)
(Source: Justin Jaggers / WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Led Zeppelin's tribute act, Led Zeppin', headlined The Stage Stop on Saturday night.

The Memphis four piece pulled out all the stops to bring their audience a flashback that's true to the Zeppelin sound, stage show, and look.

This act is the closest representation to the 70s-era Led Zeppelin that Memphis will ever see.

Their front man, Chris Pietrangelo, acting as Robert Plant obviously did his homework.

From the classic open shirt and bell bottom denim to the on-stage mannerisms of Robert Plant complement the classic tenor range. Perhaps most impressive is the opening of the Led Zeppelin classic, "Black Dog."

Accompanying Pietrangelo is Bill "Billy Page" Boekhoff on guitar, Eric "Paul Jones" Westpy on bass, and Chris "Bonham" Cook on drums.

From the wigs to the Jimmy Page-inspired silver rhinestone pants, you will not regret experiencing this true-to-life Led Zepplin flashback.

Saturday night's performance started with the classic "Communication Breakdown."

From the first note, you could close your eyes and believe that you were hearing the self-titled album for the first time.

Other highlights of the night included "All My Love," "Black Dog," and (one of my favorites), "Whole Lotta Love."

If you live in Memphis and love classic rock, this is one act you need to put on your musical bucket list.

If you'd like to follow Led Zeppin', check out their website.

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